Valsalva Method

22.03.2017 by ricardo
scuba diving equalization using Valsalva or Toynbee method

The Valsalva Method is a way to carry out the active pressure compensation in the inner ear. This is one of the oldest methods, because it goes back to a doctor in the 17th century.

Thereby, you keep your nose closed and you close your mouth. Then you press the breathing air in the nose, as if you would want to blow your nose. By doing so, the Eustachian tube opens up and air reaches the inner ear. You will sometimes encounter this method at your doctor’s, because he uses it in order to check the consistency of your auditory tube. If the eardrum vaults forward, then everything is fine.

What must I keep in mind with the Valsalva method?

  • Keep in mind to carry out the pressure compensation in a timely manner when descending.
  • Do not overdo it, because due to the high pressure, air can be pressed into the lungs. Therefore, practise this method many times before descending.

The method is not for people who suffer from cardiovascular problems, because your blood pressure increases sharply for a short period of time.

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