07.03.2017 by ricardo
semi dry wetsuit

A wetsuit gets its name from the fact that in comparison to the dry suit or semi-dry suit, water does seep into the suit. This is even desired, since after a short while a thin layer of water builds up between your suit and your skin. This warms up due to body heat and serves as a type of “insulation” for you. By doing so, your body cools a lot more slowly.

What do I need a wetsuit for?

Particularly in warm bodies of water, this type of diving suit is appropriate. If you dive in cold bodies of water, the material of the suit should be at least 7 mm thick. In most cases this is neoprene.

You can get the suit as one-piece or two-piece. In the case of a two-piece, it is made up of long johns and a jacket with hood.

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